What’s an empty leg flight and why is it so cheap?

Monarch Air Private Jet

Searching for an opportunity to fly on a private jet for a bargain? Well, there’s an option, but you will have to be willing to travel on short notice and sometimes adapt to last minute changes. An empty leg is a flight that becomes available during the reposition of a jet, flying empty to start its next booked route or just return to base.

The short notice is explained because they usually present themselves after a client books a one way flight, thus if that booking is made for the same day, that leaves only a few hours to offer the empty leg. But that’s an extreme case and generally you will have between one or three days to decide if that fixed route and time go in hand with your travel needs.

Monarch Air Private JetThe previous explains why empty leg flights are sold at a discounted price, sometimes up to 70% less than the standard amount for the same route. The aforementioned lack of time prevents operators from finding a full-price customer that, first, wants the same plane, second, that specific route and third, that day and time.

So if you’re flexible, or your schedule allows you to accommodate to the circumstances, you just might find a private flight at a price close to a commercial airline ticket. Additionally, if the route isn’t perfect, you can still combine the empty leg offer with an airline flight, granting you great price and comfort for your trip.

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Article written by Felipe Reisch, PR Manager for Monarch Air Group of Fort Lauderdale.