Air Greenland Chief Pilot Talks about Airbus A330

Airbus A330-222 OY-GRN Air Greenland

Aviationtag, famous for upcycling retired aircraft skin into unique, collectible aviation-themed tags, has posted an interesting interview with Air Greenland Chief Pilot. His exprience, what it means to fly for Air Greenland and in particular the Airbus A330. Aviationtag recently exclusively offered their products made from Air Greenland Airbus A330-200 OY-GRN “Norsaq” (MSN 230), that sold out quickly.

The article presents an engaging interview with Chief Pilot Michael Madsen, offering readers a fascinating glimpse into his extensive flying career and unique experiences, particularly with the iconic aircraft “Norsaq”. Madsen shares insights into his journey from the Royal Danish Air Force to civil aviation and his current role as Chief Pilot Airbus A330 at Air Greenland.

The interview highlights the significance of Norsaq, an aircraft deeply cherished by the Greenlandic people for its role in connecting them with the world.

Read full interview over at Aviationtag

OY-GRN was originally delivered to Sabena in 1998 before joining Air Greenland’s fleet in 2002. The plane was retired on March 12, 2023 after 41,364 flying hours and 10,112 take-offs and landings. It’s last flight has been celebrated by a spcial flight over Nuuk, capital of Greenland.

Image by Sunil Gupta via Wikipedia



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