Bombardier Challenger 600 Crash in Florida

A Bombardier Challenger 600 private jet has crashed onto I-75 near Naples, Florida today. The Bombardier Challenger 604 – N823KD – MSN5584 – flight HPJ823 was bound from Columbus (OSU) to Naples (APF). Apparently the pilots have reported engine failure before. Shortly before going into approach, the plane crashed into a car driving on the Interstate and burst into flames. Judging from the flight path, it is to assume that they may have tried to do an emergency landing on the south-bound lane but unfortunately have collided with traffic. From 5 people on board, 3 have been able to escape the wreckage. Status of the people travelling in the car is unknown at this time.

Bombardier Challenger 600 crash in Naples

Following new dashcam video has emerged. It’s showing that the plane has not been on a stable flight path for an emergency landing before hitting the road, crashing into a wall and bursting into flames. It didn’t line up with the road, was coming in way too fast and at an angle that made it impossible to control the plane once on the ground. It also looks like one of the main landing gear might have collapsed shortly after touching down. Video includes ATC communication.

Preliminary NTSB Report:




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