New Russian Strategic Bomber May Takeoff Sooner

Russian “Sputniknews” is reporting that work on the all-new Russian stealthy strategic bomber PAK DA is coming along at a good pace. According to the Chief of the Russian Air and Space Forces, the prototype may hit the skies well before 2021.

Russia’s prospective complex of distant aviation (PAK DA) is a proposed next-generation strategic bomber design that was launched in 2009. The project is currently being developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau. The long-range bomber will be designed as a flying wing and will replace the current Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3.
The PAK DA bomber will fly at subsonic speeds and will be equipped with advanced types of precision guided weapons, including hypersonic weapons.
The bomber is said to be be able to set a course without the help of satellite signals. This will be possible thanks to the inertial navigation system, which will determine the course and speed of the aircraft due to the high-precision data acquisition devices — laser gyroscopes and quartz accelerometers.

Russian PAK DA
Image by UAC Russia