10 Ways To get Through Airport Security As Quickly As Possible

tsaAirport security isn’t a nice place to be – it’s intimidating, busy, and at times a little claustrophobic. There are a vast number of travellers all trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible, dealt with by a comparatively small team of security officers trying to process this burgeoning horde.

But like so many other things, it’s a necessary evil. Airport security is there to keep us as safe as we possibly can be from all manner of threats; the first of these being ignorance.

This guide has been put together so that the next time you’re heading through airport security, you’ll know exactly why these procedures are in place. With this knowledge, you’ll then know the best way to get through them as quickly as possible.

1: Packing

Before you even leave for the airport, it’s of paramount importance that the items that you’re packing are stowed properly in your hand luggage or carry-on bag.

This means ensuring all wires for chargers, camera leads, hair dryers and laptops aren’t in a spaghetti-looking mess in between a sweater and your underwear. They should be looped and neatly bundled together at the bottom of your bag, so they don’t make a mess should your bag be searched.

Liquids and gels should be stored separately in a clear, zip lockable bag at the very top of your hand luggage. This makes it easier for you to find them when you get to security rather than frantically searching your hand luggage for them when you get to the front of the line.

2: Don’t Over Pack Your Bag

You shouldn’t have to crush your clothes and other items in order to be able to close your bag. If inventive folding still doesn’t provide the required room in your bags, then you need to leave some items behind.

Only taking exactly what you need has two time-saving benefits; firstly, your bag will be lighter, meaning you can move faster without manoeuvring a bulky bag through the airport. The second benefit is that if security elects to do a more thorough check of your luggage, they can do so faster and you also won’t be left to cram it all back into your bags in the middle of a crowded security hall.

3: Charge Your Gadgets

Any and all gadgets need to be charged and ready for use before you hit security. This goes for cameras, e-readers, phones, portable games consoles, MP3 players, everything. This is because security may require you to turn on any electronics that you’re taking onto the plane, to show them that it’s in full working order.

4: Get There Early

When you do finally make it to security, it’s unlikely that passengers on your flight will be the only ones trying to make it through to the waiting area and duty free. Most airlines advise that you arrive at least two hours before your flight to allow for crowds, but getting there as early as possible can save you a lot of stress and clock-watching as you count down the minutes to your flight.

5: Check In Before They Check In

A shortcut that most travellers don’t consider is to check in online. This cuts the queues at the check in when you reach the airport, effectively skipping that exact same queue in the security hall.

6: Dress For Success

While you probably shouldn’t be dressed too casually at the airport, to get through security as fast as possible, you should opt to wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off.

This means you should be wearing pants that don’t need a belt, slip on shoes, a jacket that isn’t too form fitting for ease of removal, so that when it comes to undressing and dressing at the security checkpoint, you can be as fast as possible.

7: Have Your ID To Hand

Whether this is your passport or just an acceptable form of ID for internal flights, having the correct identification to hand before you get to security can cut down on some panicky rummaging in front of the security officer.

8: Be Aware Of Your Metal

Taking a mental check of all metallic items on you is an easy way to speed up your time at security.

As mentioned above, if you can wear pants that don’t need a belt then they would be your best choice, but if that isn’t possible then have a clear mental checklist of all metallic items you need to remove before you get to the front of the line.

If you need to take loose change with you on your trip, then either make sure it’s in your wallet or purse or keep it together in a clear plastic bag, available from most banks. Wallets, purses, keys, jewellery and all the metallic paraphernalia of modern life should be in easy reach to expedite the process.

9: Be Respectful

Security isn’t the place for poor jokes, bad manners or an attitude. The security officers aren’t there to inconvenience you, they are working to keep you and your fellow passengers safe.

So be respectful, mind your pleases and thank yous, and if you are required to take any further security checks then cooperate. The easier you make it for them, the faster the process will be.

10: Upgrade

While the price of this option might not make it available to all passengers, it’s worth realising that upgrading from economy to business or first class does have benefits beyond the extra leg room.

Most often, business and first class passengers are processed separately to other passengers, with their own security channels and check in desks. This means that they can reach the exclusive lounges as quickly as possible, without the added stress of a congested security hall.

Security checks might be an inconvenience, but are ultimately necessary. But, by understanding and applying each of the items on this list to your next travel experience, you can ensure that your time in security is as short and stress-free as possible.

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