Propeller smashed through window (Photos)

The right propeller of an Air Canada Express Bombardier Q400 smashed through the window, almost hitting one passenger.

As the Q400 turboprop (C-GGBF) took off from the Calgary airport en route to Grande Prairie (Canada), the airplane experienced a blown tire.

Strong winds at Calgary made the crew decide to divert to Edmonton to carry out a forced landing there. During the emergency landing the gear on the right hand side of the plane collapsed, causing a propeller blade to break off and penetrating the fuselage.

According to “Global Edmonton”, a woman sitting in row 7 was missed only by inches, the whole inside wall of the plane blew out so she had fibreglass and everything all embedded in her skin. “Just from the blow of that happening, she had quite a huge head lump that was quite purple, with lots of bruises and scratches.”

Air Canada Q400 Propeller smahed through window

Air Canada Bombardier Q400 Propeller smashed through window
Images (c) NTSB Canada

Passenger video:

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