Delivery of 100th Airbus A380

Today, Airbus reached another exciting milestone with delivery of the 100th Airbus A380! This 100th A380 (9M-MNF) will be operated by Malaysia Airlines. The plane wears a special “100th A380” marker on the forward fuselage to celebrate this achievement.
To date, the Airbus A380 is operated by 9 airlines. Emirates (31 planes), Singapore Airlines (19 planes), Qantas (12 planes), Lufthansa (10 planes), Air France (8 planes), Korean Air (6 planes), China Southern Airlines (5 planes), Malaysia Airlines (5+1 planes) and Thai Airways International (3 planes).


100th Airbus A380
Image via Flickr (c) by David Barrie

100th Airbus A380