Qantas A380 VH-OQA Back in Service


Qantas is currently preparing for the re-entry into service of its first A380 (VH-OQA, MSN 14), the Nancy Bird Walton, following an extensive repair/rebuild programme that addressed damage resulting from the infamous 2010 Rolls-Royce uncontained engine failure.

Besides the replacement of the jetliner’s no. 2 engine and pylon the port wing electrical wiring system, flap and fairing components needed to be replaced as well. The programme also included repair of fuselage and skin panels, internal stringers and equipment.

Qantas A380 Engine

Working in close coordination with Qantas since last July, more than 70,000 Airbus engineering man-hours were involved in preparing the jetliner at facilities in Singapore– helping clear the way for the two extensive test flights and subsequent handover back to Qantas at a special ceremony at Changi Airport on Saturday 21 April.

Source: Airbus
Photo: Qantas



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