A400M Program Update

At the 2012 FIDAE International Air Show, which opened in Chile yesterday, Gustavo Garcia Miranda, Airbus Military’s Vice President of Marketing, provided an update of the A400M program. To date Airbus Military has 5 A400M prototypes in flight, which accomplished more than 1000 flights and more than 3000 flight hours. After its visit at FIDAE, the A400M is going to perform high temperature tests in the high mountains of Bolivia. According to Mr Miranda, the program is going to achieve the certification very soon and they plan to bring the A400M to various customers and air shows throughout the summer.

This includes:

  • April: South East Asia
  • Middle East, Algeria
  • 9.-15. July: Farnborough Airshow 2012
  • 11.-16. September: ILA Berlin Air Show 2012



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