Airbus Files Patent For Downward-Facing Winglet

Airbus has filed a patent for a downward-facing winglet device. The new wing tip device is being described as a wing extension that may be swept and may deform during flight. This flexible wing tip extension provides a drag reduction whilst decreasing the bending moment of the wing, particularly at the wing root. Aircraft performance might benefit during both steady flight and high-lift manoeuvres.

Because of its flexible behaviour, the downward-facing winglet may provide a larger span during flight in comparison to when the aircraft is on the ground.

The wing tip device allows not to be mounted directly at the tip of the wing, but may for example be mounted spaced apart from the wing tip that might have mounted an additional wingtip fence or winglet. It may be also fully blended with the wing.

Airbus Downward Winglet
Aircraft with downward-facing wing tip during horizontal flight at cruise speed
Airbus downward-facing wing tip designs
Downward-facing wing tip designs
Wing tip deformation at high load



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