Boeing Delivers 300th 777-300ER

Boeing announced that the plane maker recently delivered the 300th Boeing 777-300ER (extended range) (S2-AFO – c/n 40122) to first-time customer Biman Bangladesh. The 777-300ER has been ordered by 37 customers around the globe. Twenty-seven customers now operate the 777-300ER, 10 additional customers will take delivery of their first 777-300ERs through 2014.

The 777-300ER was introduced into service in 2005 and quickly became a best seller. “It is distinguished by its fuel efficiency, award-winning cabin interior, range – it can fly point to point bypassing crowded hub airports – and its commonality with the Boeing 767 and 787.”, said the 777 vice president and general manager. Approximately 35 percent of the 777-300ER was changed from earlier 777 models. Each wing was extended by 6.5 feet (1.98 m) by adding raked wingtips, which reduce takeoff field length, increase climb performance and reduce fuel burn. The body, wing, empennage and nose gear of the airplanes were strengthened and new main landing gear, wheels, tires and brakes were installed. New semi-levered landing gear permits takeoffs on shorter runways. The struts and nacelles were modified to accommodate the significantly higher-thrust engines.

300th Boeing 777-300ER

As of Sept. 30, 2011, the Boeing 777-300ER has 543 orders and the 777 program (all models) has received a total of 1,288 orders with a backlog of 325 orders. Over the next 20 years Boeing sees a demand for 7,000 new airplanes in the 777 and 787 size range.

Source & Photo: Boeing