Video – Airbus A330 Engine Failure on Takeoff

The right engine of a Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200 literally explodes during takeoff at Manchester. The flight, bound for the Dominican Republic, of course rejected takeoff immediately and came to stop on the runway safely.

Video by Simon Lowe, who got famous a few years ago for catching a Thomson bird strike at Manchester.

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  1. Cook says:

    Great video and editing, but… I think “Exploded” is a bit too dramatic. “Unexpected Surge” (or another term that I forget) is more like it. Whatever it was – was apparently a fully contained failure and one that pilots regularly train for. While never expected, it is not a rare thing. This flight was below the critical V1 and made a safe stop, all without a lot of drama. Please… Let’s be a bit more careful about the overly strong descriptive words that we use. “Exploded” is truly overkill here, despite the great video. Thanks.

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