Sikorsky to reveal S-97 Raider

Sikorsky to reveal S-97 Raider

Sikorsky will be revealing the new, top secret, S-97 Raider to the general public for the very first time on October 2nd! The Sikorsky S-97 ...
Stunning Video About Zurich Airport

Stunning Video About Zurich Airport

This is one of those videos that are an absolutely “must-have-seen” for any aviation enthusiast! It features airport operations at Swiss Zürich Airport, including close-up ...

Richard Branson as Flight Attendant on Air Asia Flight

More than two years ago Richard Branson (Virgin) made a bet with Tony Fernandes (Air Asia) about which of their 2010 Formula One teams would finish higher, they agreed whoever lost would dress as cabin crew on the other’s airline. Branson lost and last night was finally the day he put on his sexy red uniform on an Air Asia X flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.

Richard Branson Flight Attendant on Air Asia X Flight
Photo (c) Virgin – via Facebook

After having his legs shaved the night before, he put on his red lipstick and red shoes before he got a kiss from Tony. Branson said he ever wanted to work as cabin crew. It didn’t go well, though. Moments after getting onto the flight, Branson “accidentally” spilled a whole tray of drinks over the AirAsia CEO. Later he was spoon-feeding him his dinner, as well as serving tea and coffee to all of the Air Asia X passengers.

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