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Given the current economic climate, people are trying to economise wherever possible when taking holidays, whilst trying to maintain the expected quality of the break. One of the easiest ways to bring the price of a holiday down is by flying very early in the morning.

Up With the Lark

Of course, flying outside of peak hours is a great way to minimise the cost of your flights, but this brings a whole new set of issues to your holiday. A very early morning flight usually equates to an even earlier check in and potentially a very grovelly phone call to a friendly neighbour, or calling in a favour to make the airport in good time. All of this potentially adds to the stress and holidays are supposed to be relaxing!

In order to combat this stress and ensure that you can get to the airport under your own steam, no matter what time you are needed, airport parking and hotels have grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years. Paying for airport parking and even a hotel room for the night before your flight can still represent a saving when compared to the price of a daytime flight, so it is little wonder that they have become so popular.

Airport Parking Explained

Most major airports provide a secure, long term car parking service. Whether provided by the airport themselves or a separate contractor on land close to the airport, you can rest assured that your car will be looked after. Whether flying from Gatwick, Manchester or Birmingham Airport parking is a great way to ensure you can get to the airport on time and that you will not be waiting on taxi services.

Many airport car parks offer additional services such as valet parking, where you are met by a representative at the terminal who takes your car to the secure compound. For those who take their own cars to the car parks, frequent shuttle bus services will take you to and from the terminal, ensuring that you don’t have a long walk with your holiday luggage.

When pre-booking your car parking space, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be reserved for you. Accurate tracking systems are in place to ensure that availability of spaces is always known by the car park operator, so that there will never be a situation where a pre-booked space is unavailable upon arrival.

Adding A Hotel Room

If your flight time is at silly o’clock in the morning and getting to the airport on time is looking impractical, or indeed the airport you are flying from is too far to drive to on the morning of your departure day, adding a hotel to your car park booking is a great way to reduce stress at the start of your holiday.

Depending on the location of the hotel and the facilities available there, your car parking may be in the grounds of the hotel, or alternatively it may be at the airport.

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