Fly-Belts – Wearable Airplane Seatbelts

“Please fasten your seat belt!” – Now you can wear your very own airplane style seatbelt! This is also the perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast and frequent traveler. Fly-Belts offers a wide selection of fashionable airplane style belts in many different colors.

Designed by and for international travelers, Fly-Belts are adapted airplane seat belts suitable for all types of pants. This apparel is produced in very high quality with perfect confort in mind. Unlike real airplane seat belts, the buckle is not made of steel but of aluminium, which is much lighter and guarantees a comfortable everyday use. A light brushed finish on the flap adds to the belt a first-class appearance.

Fly-Belts Fashionable Airplane Seatbelts

Fly-Belts are a little bit wider than ordinary leather belts but it should fit on most pants. Of course, the size is adjustable, too. With a quite large maximum size it’s assured that it fits for most people. Personally I wear my Fly-Belt every day and I can only recommend it to everyone who is somehow involved with aviation. It’s also a great eye-catcher and good to start conversations with fellow travelers or spotters.

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Fly-Belts Wearable Aircraft Seat Belts

3 Responses

  1. Darryl Roach says:

    You do realize that the real belts just clip on to a metal fastener between the seats, which are simply sitting on aluminum with velcro strips, right? If you’re unhappy with your flight you could always just take one from the plane pretty easily…

    But still, cool, geeky product!

  2. Hahaha! Definitely a geeky item. But I imagine my pilot pals would probably secretly LOVE the idea.

  3. These belts would be great for kids by having many color options and cartoon characters. Kids would use them not only for a belt, but pretend they are flying an aircraft. Good idea for the flying enthusiast.

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