Airbus Files Patent For Downward-Facing Winglet

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  1. eric says:

    An interesting developement considering that Airbus and Boeing are in a legal stoush about upward pointing winglets?

  2. Charlie Graydon says:

    Have you herd of a Robertson STOL Kit ? it is the same idea might allready have the patent ?

  3. 123wxyz says:

    The A380 might be a good application not just to reduce vortices and spacing, but maybe even in possibly reducing wingspan. But, these downward facing wingtips reduce landing maneuverability, especially during high winds (recall the famous A320 landing in Hamburg not to long ago). Downward facing wingtips would have surely been sheared off.

  4. steven meyer says:

    Hoerner wing tips, named after German flight pioneer Dr. Sighard Hoerner, are drooped wing tips which direct wingtip vortices away from the surfaces of the tops of the wings. THis “new” wingtip you speak about is using his ideas-which are not new. The pointed rear tips of the drooped wings create this effect. Hoerner wing tips have been used most often on gliders and other light aircraft and are just one type of wing tip in a large array used in modern aeronautics. Larger aircraft utilize different wing tips often mounted with various lights, fuel tanks and identification markings.

    S. Meyer
    Commercial Pilot

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