Exclusive Video – MiG-29 Trip to Edge Of Space

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  1. Harry Heintz says:

    Stupid, boring, video. Without sound?? What’s up with that?
    The guy spent so much time “heads down” I’, surprise he could enjoy anything besides contemplating his own navel and breathing 100% O2.

  2. migmangreg says:

    It’s great to see Robert’s video again. As you can see he went up to see the “Edge of Space’ in the supersonic MiG-29 in Russia. If you are interested in more details on how you can do the same thing as Robert please contact me at 1-800-644-7382 or visit our website at http://www.incredible-adventures.com/migs/index.html

  3. R Wilson says:

    Interesting; didnt think a Mig 29 could get that high. There’s quite a few of these videos on YouTube; about the best is the BBC’s James May taking a flight in a U2. It went even higher, to 75, 80,000 ft up. Incredible pictures in it, and sound, also, with an interesting view of how they eat something while inside the suit. View it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6cZLfK4Zjk

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