Photos – Secret US Stealth Helicopter Spotted?

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  1. PeteF says:

    This is a Hollywood thing. Not a real military helicopter.

  2. Barry Lambert says:

    I’d be shocked if we invested a single penny in a helicopter that didn’t have at least a four blade fully articulating rotor system. This must be for some upcoming Hollywood action film.

  3. John says:

    I think i know this one. Where did you see it?

  4. Josh K says:

    Look at the tail boom, and the overall structure, as well as the twin bladed rotor. It’s a heavily doctored Huey Cobra. Pete called it, gotta be for a movie, like the Gazelle in Blue Thunder.

  5. Lance says:

    I would say that’s a highly modded Huey UH 1. ( which the AH-1 Cobra is based off of). Look at the width of the nose and skids. I think I spotted this currently from the 405 fwy passing Long Beach airport. Like others have said, most likely a Hollywood thing…

  6. TFOrange says:

    Please don’t be NAIVE….

    this may be hollywood…but don’t FOR ONE SECOND think that, if there are Ghosthawk 60s running around Af/Pak border regions right now, that there isn’t a Longbow (Apache) version as well. We just won’t see it for about five more years….

    Its out there…lets just say trust me…and no, it won’t be a USMC SuperCobra. Not enough capabilities to do what the Longbow does.

    I heard a story that they were testing them in either Texas or somewhere outside Bragg at a PMC training site (so the Area 51 nerds wouldn’t catch a glimpse) and a few 11Bs saw them when they were going in for A&S to join SF. Just sayin…YOU ALL didn’t know about the Ghosthawks till recently, and you also didn’t know about the “Beast of Kanahar”/Sentinel UCAV until recently too….so keep that in mind when you think this over

  7. G2G says:

    That’s not even a civilian-ized Cobra. Definately a Bell-205 Huey. This thing would never be stealthy with the mast sticking up like a pitched tent and skids, or standard tail rotor. Not even a good test-bed.

  8. M. Cluth says:

    Aerocraft Stealth Star 204 SS, a modified UH-1B Iroquois. NOT Hollywood, but Aerostars experimental military aircraft. Google “penetrator helicopter”.

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