Photos – Secret US Stealth Helicopter Spotted?

Is this a secret US stealth attack helicopter? One thing is clear, this is not the secret stealth Blackhawk aka “StealthHawk” that crashed in Pakistan during the Bin Laden raid. This thing looks like a highly modified Bell AH-1 Cobra.

These photos have been shot a few days ago by Axel from In his blog he states: “I took these photos a few days back and I still don’t have the slightest idea what I’m looking at.”

Do you know more?

Photos – (c)
Secret US Stealth Helicopter

Secret US Stealth Attack Helicopter

8 Responses

  1. PeteF says:

    This is a Hollywood thing. Not a real military helicopter.

  2. Barry Lambert says:

    I’d be shocked if we invested a single penny in a helicopter that didn’t have at least a four blade fully articulating rotor system. This must be for some upcoming Hollywood action film.

  3. John says:

    I think i know this one. Where did you see it?

  4. Josh K says:

    Look at the tail boom, and the overall structure, as well as the twin bladed rotor. It’s a heavily doctored Huey Cobra. Pete called it, gotta be for a movie, like the Gazelle in Blue Thunder.

  5. Lance says:

    I would say that’s a highly modded Huey UH 1. ( which the AH-1 Cobra is based off of). Look at the width of the nose and skids. I think I spotted this currently from the 405 fwy passing Long Beach airport. Like others have said, most likely a Hollywood thing…

  6. TFOrange says:

    Please don’t be NAIVE….

    this may be hollywood…but don’t FOR ONE SECOND think that, if there are Ghosthawk 60s running around Af/Pak border regions right now, that there isn’t a Longbow (Apache) version as well. We just won’t see it for about five more years….

    Its out there…lets just say trust me…and no, it won’t be a USMC SuperCobra. Not enough capabilities to do what the Longbow does.

    I heard a story that they were testing them in either Texas or somewhere outside Bragg at a PMC training site (so the Area 51 nerds wouldn’t catch a glimpse) and a few 11Bs saw them when they were going in for A&S to join SF. Just sayin…YOU ALL didn’t know about the Ghosthawks till recently, and you also didn’t know about the “Beast of Kanahar”/Sentinel UCAV until recently too….so keep that in mind when you think this over

  7. G2G says:

    That’s not even a civilian-ized Cobra. Definately a Bell-205 Huey. This thing would never be stealthy with the mast sticking up like a pitched tent and skids, or standard tail rotor. Not even a good test-bed.

  8. M. Cluth says:

    Aerocraft Stealth Star 204 SS, a modified UH-1B Iroquois. NOT Hollywood, but Aerostars experimental military aircraft. Google “penetrator helicopter”.

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