Stunning F-35 Shots

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  1. Reboot says:

    It’s an absolutely beautiful machine.

  2. ae lenz smsgt usaf retired says:

    I retired 40 years too early. This is the perfect AC I have ever seen or read about,

  3. Palak says:

    Amazing to see a future gen bird in a VTOL role

  4. Gary says:

    Beautiful aircraft. Shame Obama will kill the program shortly.

  5. Rudy Dracka says:

    Oh yes Obama maybe we should go back and fly the WW1 Spad, that might make the**&%+*# happy.

  6. c172pilot says:

    Made in America, by America…for America. No one does it better!

    • Michael says:

      “Made in America”… yeah right….
      Many major parts of the wings, fuselage and various aircraft systems come from all over the world like Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Israel, Turkey, Norway, UK, Germany, Sweden and others.

  7. c172pilot says:

    Yea..maybe it should have been stated a bit differently. Because it’s a NATO seller, we farm out the work to other countries. However, they build the components to American drawings, design and specifications…just like we did with the F-16. It’s assembled, and tested here in Fort Worth….I see it every day. This was not an option for the F-22. F-22 is a domestic aircraft only. Bottom line…it’s all American ingenuity and design.

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