Video – Iran Air Boeing 727 Nose Gear Failure

3 Responses

  1. CARs Deluxe says:

    You’re not kidding with picture perfect landing. You could barely notice with the body of the aircraft actually made contact with the runway. Kudos to the flight crew, and to walk away with not one person injured is an unbelievable achievement.

  2. kimmy says:

    WE are so lucky about the landing this could have being more dangerous Im defently happy that the crew and pilot took a good aproach on the landing. I give then more than Kudos, that is a blessing.

  3. CARs Deluxe says:

    When I look at this again I still can’t believe how smoothly it went. The flight crew was able to keep up thrust to a point that after initial touchdown, the contact under the nose was a soft one. Fantastic flying.

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