Video – Inside Donald Trump’s Boeing 757

Did you always want to have a look inside one of Mr. Trump’s planes? Here’s his newest one! He recently sold his Boeing 727 (VPBDJ) to buy a larger Boeing 757 (N757AF). One of his staff gives you an inside look into his bedroom, office, onboard theatre, dining area and bathroom. Of course, much of the interior is 24k gold plated.

Video – Tour of Mr. Trump’s Boeing 757

2 Responses

  1. Robert Fleming says:

    It must be nice. Donald Chump definitely knows how to flaunt the fact that he’s got more money than God!

  2. Donald Trump says:

    I’m a complete whore who has credit, not cash. My taste is that of a teenager who grew up on whore houses, which is why everything has to be gold plated.

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