An-124 – A Heavy Cargo Shipment From Germany to Chile

Chapman Freeborn, the world’s leading company in the field of aircraft charter collaborated with the international logistics service provider Logwin to successfully complete another heavy cargo project. A rotor used in power generation together with associated equipment weighing a total of 97 tonnes was flown from Düsseldorf, Germany to Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Chapman Freeborn chartered an Antonov An-124 freight aircraft from Ruslan International on behalf of Logwin. The flight was accompanied by a camera team from the US broadcaster Discovery Channel.

Antonov An-124 chartered by Chapman-FreebornThe Antonov AN-124 stands ready for loading on the runway. The rotor, which has been repaired in Germany, is to start its return flight to Chile. The defective rotor was flown from Chile to Düsseldorf for repair back in February this year. The oversized consignment has been delivered by Logwin on four trucks. Another two trucks carry loading equipment. With a length of eight meters and a height of more than three meters, the rotor is the largest item of freight and has to be loaded through the Antonov’s nose. In order to accomplish this, the Antonov’s crew erects and adjusts a system of ramps. A special crane then lifts the extremely heavy rotor onto the ramps and a winch pulls the freight, which has been secured by several chains, slowly into the interior of the aircraft. A further 16 smaller boxes containing accessories are loaded into the tail of the aircraft using on-board cranes.

After seven hours of hard work the freight is finally loaded and secured safely in the interior of the aircraft. The plane takes off for Santiago de Chile on time at 7:00 p.m. However, the Antonov must land for refueling four times before it reaches its final destination.

Antonov An-124 being loadedThe route takes it via Vitoria/Spain, Sal/Cape Verde Islands, Recife/Brazil and Rio de Janeiro/Brazil on the way to its final destination of Santiago de Chile.
The global air charter specialists of Chapman Freeborn have managed many extraordinary transportation projects together with the international logistics service provider Logwin in the past, and this project was also accomplished successfully thanks to the expertise of and close cooperation between all those involved. Together both companies developed an exact schedule for loading and coordinated the logistics at the airports.

The Antonov-124’s entire flight from loading in Düsseldorf to unloading in Santiago de Chile was accompanied by a camera team from the TV broadcaster Discovery Channel, which is planning to show a documentary series entitled “Mighty Planes” about aircraft in various areas of deployment. Viewers are to be given an insight in to the inner workings of aviation and will be able to experience how extraordinary projects are executed. One of the programs of the eight-part documentary series will be dedicated to the loading of the Antonov An-124. The documentary series is likely to be broadcast at the beginning of 2012.

About Chapman Freeborn
Global aircraft charter specialist Chapman Freeborn was established in the UK in 1973 and has 32 offices in 22 countries worldwide. The company employs 300 staff worldwide and group turnover stands at over USD $500 million. International freight forwarders and airlines voted Chapman Freeborn Air Cargo Charter Broker of the Year at the World Air Cargo Awards in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. This award is unique in the industry and reflects the company’s professionalism in coordinating approximately 5,000 cargo charters a year.

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