Boeing New Passenger Plane Design Patent

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  1. I wonder how far along they are with developing this? It’ll be cool to see some new designs in the sky like this with the wings swept forwards.

  2. SUNIL OHRI says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a very different design for aircraft which can be save all passengers if even both engines does not work in sky.
    Every body thinks himself best, so i am.

    With regards,
    Sunil Ohri

  3. D. Field says:

    I have been flying a Canard since 1998 and have always consider since 1998 that from a safety point of view that jet canard passenger planes should be the norm.
    Irrespective of instruments the aircraft (the canard) tells the pilot whether he is flying the aircraft at the right speed and attitude.

  4. michael s says:

    isnt canards a Little bit out of fashion nowadays?
    besides from what i know of canards requires a higher landing velocity than regular Aircrafts and demands more of the pilot/computers because of that a canard design doesnt have the same stability in the air as the old usual design that we see on most Aircrafts now a days

  1. August 11, 2014

    […] TU-144 Tu-144 Velocity Aircraft May 14th, 2011 Boeing New Passenger Plane Design Patent Boeing New Passenger Plane Design Patent at Flightstory – Aviation Blog, News & Stories A couple more large canard concepts in the last link […]

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