Video – Tupolev Tu-154 Out of Control

These videos of a Tupolev Tu-154 that apparently is out of control emerged on the internet. The plane – RA-85563 – which is operated by Russian military was filmed on 29.04.2011 at Chkalovsky Airport (CKL/UUMU). The military airport is based near Shchyolkovo, 31 km northeast of Moscow (Russia). Circumstances that have led to this video are unknown. Whether it was a controlled test flight to operate the plane beyond its technical limits, a crazy flight display or a technical failure.

As of January 2011, since 1970 there have been 110 serious incidents involving the Tu-154, with 69 hull losses in total. Due to several incidents in the recent past, on January 2, 2011, Russia’s Federal Transport Oversight Agency advised airlines to stop using remaining examples of the Tu-154 (B variant) until a fatal fire incident in Surgut (Russia) had been fully investigated. On February 20, 2011 Iran set a ban on all Tupolev Tu-154 operated by Iranian carriers. The Tu-154 is described as having an average (or better than expected) safety record considering its length of service and heavy use in demanding conditions (BBC 2004).

Video Part 1 – Takeoff

Video Part 2

Video Part 3 – Landing

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  1. Reboot says:

    A part of me thinks of this as a stress test, because even kicking the rudder at maximum, the pilot always mantains the pitch perfectly.

    But… dude, that landing… Did he really have to move the tail so violently even at final approach, nearly touching down?

  2. RudderSpank says:

    In soviet russia the Dutch roll You

  3. M. Galego says:

    In Russia, airplanes flies the pilots.

  4. n satapathy says:

    Instead of aviation fuel ,they must have fueled the aircraft with Russian Vodka.The aircraft is having a high kick and enjoying the flight.

  1. September 3, 2011

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