Eurocopter Delivers 1000th Dauphin Helicopter

Eurocopter today announced that the 1000th Dauphin helicopter was delivered to India’s Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited, the world’s largest civilian operator of this twin-engine, medium weight helicopter.

The operator’s newest helicopter is an AS365 N3 version, configured for offshore oil and gas drilling missions, and it brings the Indian operator’s fleet to a total of 35 Dauphins. The aircraft will be used to transport personnel to offshore platforms, in shuttle flights between drill barges, for the airlift of state officials and VIPs, along with tourism charter services.

Since the 1970s, Dauphins have been in service with some 300 customers in 69 countries, accumulating a combined total of more than 5.1 million flight hours. These helicopters, which originally have been designed and built by French Aérospatiale, are used in a full range of operations on land and at sea, earning a reputation for mission capability, cost-effectiveness, ease of operation and flight safety. Since 1981, the Dauphin also has been available in the AS565 Panther military version.

Eurocopter Dauphin AS365N3 operated by Pawan Hans

Eurocopter Dauphin AS365N3 operated by Pawan Hans - (c) Eurocopter, Anthony Pecchi

1000th Eurocopter Dauphin

1000th Eurocopter Dauphin - (c) Eurocopter, Patrick Penna

The Dauphin family has been improved over the years to meet evolving market requirements. Its latest version – the AS365 N3e/AS565 MBe – will provide improved hot-and-high performance while incorporating new technologies and systems. With deliveries targeted to begin in late 2013, its primary enhancements are the introduction of Arriel 2N engines with dual-channel FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controls), use of the main gearbox from Eurocopter’s EC155 helicopter, the incorporation of a new Starflex rotor head, and the application of a reinforced main rotor mast. These upgrades are to provide a 15 percent increase in power for better performance, a significant payload gain with the maximum takeoff weight increased to 4.5 metric tons, and reductions in maintenance and operating costs.

Source: EADS

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