Gulfstream G650 Flight-Test Plane Crash

Gulfstream today confirmed that one of their G650 (N652GD) test planes crashed Saturday morning during takeoff-performance tests in Roswell, N.M.
Two Gulfstream pilots and two Gulfstream flight-test engineers died in the crash. According to a FAA spokesperson, on takeoff the right wingtip struck the ground. The pilot tried to recover but it’s landing gear collapsed causing the airplane to skid on the runway and bursting into flames.

The Gulfstream G650 is a twin-engine business jet under development. The G650 program started in 2005 and was revealed it to the public in 2008. The G650 is the company’s largest, and fastest business jet. First delivery is scheduled for 2012.

Gulfstream G650 N652GD

Gulfstream G650 N652GD - Photo: Wikipedia

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