Propeller smashed through window (Photos)

Propeller smashed through window (Photos)

The right propeller of an Air Canada Express Bombardier Q400 smashed through the window, almost hitting one passenger. As the Q400 turboprop (C-GGBF) took off ...
Eastern is back!

Eastern is back!

Eastern Air Lines is really back! First images of their first Boeing 737 “Spirit of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker” emerged on the internet today! After an ...

Review – Qantas – From The Outback To The World

Posted by Michael March 31st, 2011 / No Comments

A very special piece of aviation history comes from the heart of Australia straight to your living room. The new documentary “From The Outback To The World” tells the remarkable story of a remarkable airline – Australian flag carrier Qantas. The DVD which has been officially licensed by Qantas is a must-have for every aviation enthusiast.

The documentary is centered on six airplanes that stand for 90 years of innovation – the Avro 504K, Short Brother’s Model C Flying Boat, Lockheed Super Constellation, Boeing 707, Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. These milestones of commercial aviation are the key to success for the airline that was founded 1920 in the middle of outback Queensland.

Qantas Avro BiplaneThe DVD is divided into 9 chapters and is approx. 46min long. After a short introduction the viewer gets a tight overview about the birth of Qantas and how everything started. The mainpart is focused on each of the planes that are featured in chronological order. It starts with the Avro 504, a World War I biplane, that was modified for Qantas to suit special needs for use in the Australian Outback. This first plane in the Qantas fleet was used for many years until a new era was born – flying boats. Qantas’ Short Empire S.23 C-Class flying boat was not only used to carry mail around the globe it quickly became a vital passenger line between Australia and the United Kingdom. After World War II everything changed with introduction of the famous Lockheed Super Constellation. The DVD tells the exciting story of the first flight around the world, connections to Howard Hughes and introduction of the tourist class. Qantas actively shaped this era of early commercial aviation and heavily contributed to the success of air travel. After a few years the Australian airline reached another milestone of aviation, with introduction of the Boeing 707. The jet age was born and Qantas V-jets conquered the sky around the world. Of course, the documentary also tells the story of Qantas’ Boeing 747 and even its brand new flagship Airbus A380.

From The Outback To The World” lives from its beautifully restored, hi-quality film material. The visual quality is amazing and because the independent production team was given exclusively access to the Qantas film archives dating back to the founding year, you get to see many pictures that you’ve never seen anywhere before. The media has been digitized and restored well beyond their original condition. You can almost feel the spirit that drives Qantas for so many years.

Qantas Documentary Image Restoration

The DVD is available in PAL or NTSC video format to suit the needs of international customers. It’s definitly worth buying if you’re interested in airplanes and commercial aviation. It also makes a perfect gift for every aviation enthusiast! I only wish it was a little bit longer and at some point more detailed, though.

“From The Outback To The World” can be purchased at There’re also several video previews available.

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