Airbus Unveils New ACJ Cabin Designs

At Asian Aerospace 2011 Airbus today announced some new cabin concept designs for the Airbus Corporate Jets. The family of jets comprises the A318 Elite, Airbus ACJ, A320 Prestige and the A330, A340 Prestige, A350 Prestige and A380 Prestige. Airbus corporate jets have won more than 170 sales to date.

A new cabin concept called Phoenix features a colour-scheme and layout designed to appeal to Asian tastes.
The main cabin features seating for six people around a large circular-table. Airbus Corporate Jets are able to offer this feature because they have the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet, existing or planned, which allows a good-sized table, as well as space to pass by the side of it. Playing games is a passion in many Asian cultures, for example Mah Jong in China – so Airbus has designed the circular table to fold into a rectangular shape when needed, which better suited to this activity. The Phoenix cabin concept can also offer an area for Karaoke.

Airbus Corporate Jet Phoenix Cabin Concept

Also on display is this cabin design – showcasing an A318 Elite which seats up to 19 passengers in unequalled comfort, space and style. It offers a lounge, dining area, private office that converts to a bedroom and bathrooms. This A318 Elite is operated by BAA Jet Management Ltd Hong Kong.

Airbus A318 Elite Cabin Design Hong Kong

Airbus has won more than 25 sales to date in the Asian-Pacific region, most of them in China.

Most corporate jet customers and operators prefer to remain undisclosed, but they include Deer Jet of Beijing, BAA Jet Management of Hong Kong, China Sonangol, the Royal Thai Airforce, Skytraders of Australia and the UB Group of India.

Source & Images: Airbus

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